Gentle Reminders

Created to help spread some love and for the days we perhaps need to hear some extra words of reassurance, comfort and hope. Gentle Reminders is my third book, published through Amazon KDP and available solely through Amazon

The book includes a selection of my Sea, Sky and Landscape work combined with simple phrases, designed to encourage and provide some light when the days seem a bit darker. Words we perhaps don't hear as often as we'd like to.

It's a short and simple book which highlights the beauty, fragility and preciousness of life. An extra opportunity to show people that you care and are thinking of them. Kindness, after all, is everything.

Published December 2022 via Amazon KDP
ISBN: 979-8365510050
Paperback and Kindle E-Book
6 x 6 inches
35 Pages
RRP. £3.99

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