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Photography with Feeling...

I've been a semi pro photographer for six years now and in that time have been fortunate to shoot many beautiful places, awesome people and amazing events.

My photographic work has been used by Nokia, ITV, various print publications and various commercial ventures close to my home in Norfolk. I've recently been enlisted as ambassador for The British Photography Awards and also volunteer as house photographer for Islington Assembly Hall in London.

I've loved photography for most of my life, I think probably from the time I saw a black and white print magically appear in my dads makeshift darkroom. After learning the skill of taking, processing and printing with film cameras back at college, I recently studied and gained a diploma in digital imaging.

After moving to Norfolk a few years ago, I started taking photographs of the glorious sea, sky and landscapes. From there I decided to combine with more commercial work, weddings, parties, events and live music.

I shoot with Nikon, Sigma and iPhone.

Please check out my social media feeds for more about me and samples of new work.